Am I just the way I am and always have been and there is nothing to be shaken about?

Or am I on earth to discover, explore, develop and express myself and my being?

Or again, am I incarnated here in order to hone, refine and ennoble my personality and to connect it in harmony with my essence?

Self-determined and sincere, I progress through the world and remember my inherent divine spark. As a creator and in harmony with my higher self, I live out my eternal and multidimensional aspects in everyday life.

Supportive steps can be found in this work as well as in-depth explanations of the diverse processes involved in creating a new self-image.

This encouraging work for self-knowledge throws a transformative light on the human being as a spiritual being in the middle of the current upheaval and breakthrough. The metamorphosis is in full swing. The necessity and the responsibility to create a different image of man are in the hands of each individual. A new self-image for everyone immediately creates a differentiated identity for all of humanity.


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