Dear Reader,
You have the report of my pranic process in your hands. Here I entrust you with the steps and transformations I have made to move from a „normal“ diet to a photon food. So you accompany me in the first year of my new life with light-nutrition. This description is authentic, realistic, clear and simple.
The purpose of my story is to provide a concrete and human understanding of the spiritual approach to pranic food.
I do not want to encourage anyone to do the same. In my opinion and from my experience, this is per se impossible because such a decision will arise only from inner processes as well as from the calling of the soul. In this area, there is nothing to prove and no one to convince.
In addition, I deal with other topics, such as „What is meant by Light“, „Transformation of a negative environment“, „Support and guidance“, „Therapeutic help“, or „My measures“…
The decision to become pranic is one of the most important decisions of my life. And at every moment, I enjoy the freedom to continue or end the pranic way of life.


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