Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries

Consideration, goodwill and respect for the space and the free will of our fellow humans is part and parcel of the interaction between people of the new era.
Not only between persons but also within our own unity as individual, we practice mindfulness towards our physical body, our emotional aspects, our cognitive abilities as well as towards the spiritual dimensions of our very being.
In her 12th book (comprising the complete publications in German, French and English), Aurélienne Dauguet deals with the profound topic of building up healthy boundaries on all levels of our individual beingness and also within the collective realms of life.
Politeness, goodwill, and a humanist approach are indispensable, also in contact with people, with whom our opinions differ.
Ethical consequences are attached to our relationships whether we act with respect of their freedom and their free-will or not. It is a duty to encounter conscious life with appreciation. On the other hand, any infringement upon the development of other human beings definitely represents one of the heaviest karmic burden possible.


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